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Danica Pension, our network partner in Denmark is upgrading their health package

Danica Pension in Denmark is upgrading their health offering as of January 1, 2021 and is the first Life & Pension company in the country to introduce telemedicine as a service.

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Our network partner Danica Pension has recently taken a series of proactive step towards developing their services, especially the offer of digital tools and innovative solutions to ease their customers’ lives. The upgrade of their health package by the inclusion of telemedicine services is on top of a series of improvements to their Wellbeing and Prevention capabilities. The new service will be available as of January 1, 2021 and gives quick access to online consultations with general practitioners, psychologists and dieticians as well as the access to a network of carefully selected business partners for second opinions.

The new upgrades go in line with the company’s strong focus on prevention and the aim to help employees to stay healthy as well as ensure best treatment to help them return to work. This includes easy and quick access to specialists and cross-functional and early action tailored to the customer’s needs.

For employers, Danica Pension’s healthcare offering is a holistic solution, comprising reports on courses of treatment, industry benchmarks as well as recommendations on preventive measures that are based on knowledge and experience.

For more information please contact Rachid Belarbi, Regional Director Allianz Global Benefits at or Jens Runing, Head of International Danica Pension at

About Danica Pension

Danica Pension is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Danske Bank Group and one of the largest pension companies in Denmark. Specialized in pensions, life insurance and health insurance it serves more than 800,000 customers. For more information please see here:

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