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MyAGB – Your personalized employee benefits online portal

The recently introduced online portal is an innovative reporting solution, providing performance measurement and quality insights to keep track of employee benefits spending and priorities.

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Multinational companies with centralized control and decentralized operational responsibility have a great need for consistent and accurate management information across global markets. Additionally, the information needs to be up-to-date, comprehensible, flexible and easy to access.

Having this in mind, and leading the way in terms of innovation, flexibility and service quality, our employee benefits offering is centered around a consistent and end-to-end data approach combined with innovative reporting solutions. The recently introduced MyAGB online portal offers our multinational clients access to a flexible employee benefits information sharing and reporting environment based on both, global and local expertise.

MyAGB enables to the tracking of employee benefits spending and priorities, the identification of opportunities to optimize cost and design of programs, whilst offering a detailed understanding of the key drivers of profitability and business performance. Providing policy-year based performance views as well as dedicated health reporting with concrete actionable items, the reporting solution can offer valuable help with governance and decision-making with regards to employee benefits.

Policy-year based performance view

The interactive portal provides high-quality data analytics, underwriting / policy-year driven insights and reporting, thus enhancing customer experience and addressing their need for transparency on their plans, performance measurement, interpretation and action.

Health claims reporting

As health premiums represent a significant spending within employee benefits, the major focus is placed on underwriting / policy-year based health claims reporting. Global heatmapping with tailor-made analytics and suggestions for actions, facilitate decisions concerning underwriting and renewal of contracts, whilst supporting wellness and disease management initiatives.

Individualized customer journey

The personalized portal comes with an executive business summary, a centralized location for important documentation and relevant market insights. Customer journeys are individualized adapted according to different user roles (for example regional responsibilities), aligned with client feedback and continuously improved according to their requirements.

Interactive reporting dashboard

A state-of-the art interactive reporting dashboard with extensive country coverage is seamlessly integrated with the portal, meaning users are provided with customized access and have the possibility to download each individual graph or table as a picture, or the underlying aggregated data-set as an excel file.

Data slicing and dicing

The reporting dashboard of the portal highlights relevant insights and allows clients to slice and dice data according to specific needs, thus, allowing for the exploration of underwriting / policy-year performance within their employee benefits programs, on individual country basis. This includes local health reports for each client subsidiary, and country health reports for each country covered in the global program. Depending on the roles of the users, there is the additional possibility to explore the employee benefits programs by self-defined regions. The availability of these features may vary between markets, depending on the existence of ICD or other international medical coding and / or if the group size is compliant with GDPR.

Predictive analytic capabilities

MyAGB is also set up to offer users predictive analytic capabilities through easy-to-use tools. This will allow to analyze and interpret the information stored in the portal by using expert opinion, trend analytics and intervention recommendations with the aim to improve performance, react to inflation trends and contain costs.

For more information or for a virtual showcase of the portal’s capabilities, please contact your sales representative.

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