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The Allianz Privacy Standard constitutes Allianz’ Binding Corporate Rules (BCRs) and provides you with information on the rules governing the international transfer of personal data between Allianz Group companies operating in the European Economic Area (EEA) and Allianz Group companies outside that area.

The Allianz Privacy Standard also describes your rights in respect of such transfers, what to do if you want to exercise your rights or complain about such transfers, and how to contact us.

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We care about your personal data

Allianz appreciates your visit to this website ("Allianz Website") and your interest in our services and products. Your privacy is important to us and we want you to feel comfortable visiting our site. This privacy notice explains how and what type of personal will be collected, processed and used during and following your visits to the Allianz Website, why it is collected, with whom it is shared and your rights in this regards. Please read this notice carefully.

This privacy notice applies to any information obtained by Allianz through your use of the Allianz Website. It does not apply to any websites controlled by third parties not affiliated with Allianz that the Allianz Website may link to ("Third Party Sites"). Please review the privacy statements of Third Party Sites as Allianz is not responsible for and has no influence on the content or the privacy practices of Third Party Sites.

The terms of this privacy notice are subjected to any additional terms, disclaimers or other contractual terms you have entered into with Allianz such as client privacy statements or notices, and any applicable mandatory laws and regulations.

This privacy notice may be updated from time to time, please do check it on a regular basis.

Who is the data controller?

A data controller is the individual or legal person who controls and is responsible to keep and use personal data in paper or electronic files. Allianz Global Benefits GmbH is the data controller as defined by relevant data protection laws and regulations.

What personal data will be collected?

When you visit the Allianz Website, our web server automatically records details about your visit including:

IP address;

the website from which you visited us;

the type of browser software used;

the Allianz Website pages that you visit; and

the date and duration of your visit to the Allianz Website

We will also collect and process various types of personal data, including:

Surname, First Name, Title



Contact Details;

Company Name, Business or Profession;

Shareholder Number

How will we use your personal data?

Allianz will use your personal data for the following purposes:

for technical administration, research and development of the Allianz Website;

for customer and user administration and marketing;

to maintain business relationships;

to conduct research and analysis with regard to our business relations;

to inform you about our events, services, products and news when you visit the Allianz Website or when you subscribe to our newsletter or mailing lists;

to facilitate compliance with securities law, public company listing requirements and related laws and regulations;

for fraud prevention and detection;

to comply with any legal obligations (e.g. tax, accounting and administrative obligations)

For the purposes indicated above, we will process personal data we receive about you from public and commercial databases.

We will inform you where we require your consent to process your personal data. Otherwise, we will process your personal data to meet our legitimate business interests (including maintaining contact with clients, providing updates and information about Allianz, organizing and hosting events, and conducting market research and analysis) or where it is needed to comply with a legal obligation. In addition, we may also process your personal data to enter into a contract with you, or to perform our obligations under an existing contract with you.

Allianz respects applicable laws and regulations in its use of personal data.

Are cookies used on the Allianz Website?

Tracking technology helps us manage and improve the usability of the Allianz Website, for example by detecting whether there has been any contact between your computer and us in the past and to identify the most popular sections of the Allianz Website.

Based on a more detailed description on the usage of cookies our Cookies Management Tool helps you to manage your cookies preferences including providing consent. The link to the respective Cookies Management Tool you find below. You can withdraw your consent to the usage of certain cookies any time using the before mentioned tool.

When you save your cookie settings, they should also apply to your future visits to the Allianz Website. However, for technical reasons beyond the control of Allianz, this cannot be guaranteed. For example, if you reset your browser, delete your cookies or access the Allianz Website from another browser or device, your cookie settings may be lost. To comply with applicable laws and regulations, in some countries you may be asked to confirm your cookie settings when you first visit the Allianz Website. If you are in a country where you are automatically required to set your cookie settings, you may be asked to set them again on a future visit.

In many cases you can also control tracking technologies using your browser. Please ensure that your browser setting reflects whether you wish to be warned about and/or accept tracking technologies (such as cookies) where possible. The specific capabilities of your browser and instructions on how to use them can usually be found in the manual or help file of your browser.

Without tracking technologies the availability of the services provided by the Allianz Website may be reduced, or parts of the Allianz Website may no longer function correctly.

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How are social media plug-ins used on the Allianz Website?

The Allianz Website uses the following social media plug-ins ("plug-ins"):

Share button on Facebook, powered by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave., Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA;

Share Button on LinkedIn, operated by LinkedIn Corporation, 2029 Stierlin Court, Mountain View, CA 94043, United States.

All plug-ins are indicated with the brand names of the respective operators Facebook, Google and LinkedIn ("Operator"). To increase the level of data protection and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, we have implemented the additional programs by means of a so-called 2-click solution. This procedure ensures that when you visit the Allianz Website, no direct connection of your browser to the servers of the Operator is established. Only if you activate the plug-ins by clicking on them and thereby grant your consent to the data transfer, your browser establishes a direct connection to the server of the respective Operator. The content of the plug-ins is then transmitted by the Operators directly to your browser and integrated by them into the website.

By accepting the plug-in, the Operator receives the information that your browser has accessed the Allianz Website. If you logged in to your account when you visited the Allianz Website, the Operator can connect your visit to your account directly. If you interact with the plug-in, e.g. by clicking on the Facebook button, the +1 button and / or the LinkedIn "Share" button, the data will be transferred directly from your browser to the Operator and saved by the Operator. In addition, the information will be published on the relevant social network or on your account and will be visible to your contacts. If you do not want this data transfer to the Operators, you must log out of your respective account before you click on the plug-ins and activate them.

For more information on the purpose and scope of data collection, processing and use, please refer to the privacy statements below:




Who will have access to personal data collected through the Allianz Website?

We will ensure that your personal data is processed in a manner that is compatible with the purposes specified above. For the specified purposes, your personal data may be disclosed to the following parties who operate as third party data controllers:

Other Allianz Group companies;

Authorized agents and third party service providers.

For the stated purposes, we may also share your personal data with the following parties who operate as data processors under our instruction:

Other Allianz Group companies;

Authorized agents, service providers, and research analysis agencies; and

Facilitators, consultants or experts managing communications and Allianz sponsored events.

Finally, we may share your personal data in the following instances:

With law enforcement agencies, government and regulatory bodies to meet applicable legal or regulatory obligations.

Where will collected personal data be processed?

Your personal data may be processed both inside and outside of the European Economic Area (EEA) by the parties specified above, subject always to contractual restrictions regarding confidentiality and security in line with applicable data protection laws and regulations. We will not disclose your personal data to parties who are not authorized to process them.

Whenever we transfer your personal data for processing outside of the EEA by another Allianz Group company, we will do so on the basis of the binding corporate rules (BCRs) of Allianz known as the Allianz Privacy Standard (APS) which establish adequate protection for personal data and are legally binding on Allianz Group companies. The public version of the APS and the list of Allianz Group companies that comply with them can be accessed here.

Where the Allianz Privacy Standard does not apply, we will instead take steps to ensure that the transfer of your personal data outside of the EEA receives an adequate level of protection as it does in the EEA. You can find out what safeguards we rely upon for such transfers (for example, Standard Contractual Clauses) by contacting us as detailed below.

What are your rights in respect of your personal data?

Where permitted by applicable law or regulation, you have the right to:

Access your personal data held about you and to learn the origin of the data, the purposes and means of the processing, the details of the data controller(s), the data processor(s) and the parties to whom the data may be disclosed;

Withdraw your consent at any time where your personal data is processed with your consent;

Update and correct your personal data so that it is accurate;

Delete your personal data from our records if it is no longer needed for the purposes indicated above;

Restrict the processing of your personal data in certain circumstances, e.g. where you have contested the accuracy of your personal data, for the period enabling us to verify its accuracy;

Obtain your personal data in an electronic format;

File a complaint with us and/or the relevant data protection authority; and

object to us processing your personal data, or tell us to stop processing it (including for purposes of direct marketing).

What security measures have we implemented to protect your information collected through the Allianz Website?

Allianz has implemented reasonable technical and organizational security measures to protect your personal data collected by Allianz via the Allianz Website against unauthorized access, misuse, loss or destruction.

How do we treat electronic messages sent to and from Allianz?

All electronic messages sent to and from Allianz are protected by reasonable technical and organizational measures and may only be accessed in justified cases in line with applicable laws and regulations (e.g. court order, suspicion of criminal conduct, violation of regulatory obligations) to specific persons in defined functions (e.g. Legal, Compliance, Risk). Every step of the process, as well as the search criteria used, are logged in an audit trail. All emails are disposed of after the applicable retention period has expired.

What should you consider when sending data over the Internet?

The Internet is generally not regarded as a secure environment, and information sent via the Internet (such as to or from the Allianz Website or via electronic message) may be accessed by unauthorized third parties, potentially leading to disclosures, changes in content or technical failures. Even if both sender and receiver are located in the same country, information sent via the Internet may be transmitted across international borders and be forwarded to a country with a lower data protection level than in your country of residence.

Allianz does not accept responsibility or liability for the security of your information whilst in transit over the Internet to Allianz. In order to protect your privacy you may choose another means of communication with Allianz, where you deem it appropriate.

How long is personal data retained for?

We will not retain your personal data for longer than is necessary and we will hold it only for the purposes for which it was obtained.

How can you contact us?

If you have any queries about how we use your personal data, you can contact us by post or email via the details specified below:

Allianz Global Benefits GmbH

Data Protection Officer

Reinsburgstr. 19

70178 Stuttgart


How often is this notice updated?

We regularly review this privacy notice. We will ensure the most up to date version is published here. This privacy notice was last updated on May 18, 2018.

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This cookie policy provides you with clear and comprehensive information about the cookies we use and the purposes for using them. To review the privacy policies that apply to users of, please read our Privacy Policy.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that is sent to your web browser and stored in the memory of your device when you visit a website. Cookies are useful because they enable collection of user data and analysis of how the website is being used by visitors to optimize and create the best possible customer experience.

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What information do our cookies not hold?

The cookies we use do not hold any data that can identify you personally, such as: names, phone numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses, bank account numbers or credit card information.

Why do we use cookies?

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What cookies do we use and why?

The cookies we use on our site are for Performance and Targeting reasons.


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The following performance cookies are used on this website:

Targeting and marketing

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Your consent to use cookies

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