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Your personalized EB online portal to explore the details of your program and keep track of your priorities. A one stop shop solution to manage your employee benefits around the globe.

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MyAGB offers access to a flexible EB information sharing environment based on both, global and local expertise.

It provides high quality data analytics, insights and reporting, thus enhancing customer experience and addressing your need for transparency, interpretation and action. This enables you to keep track of your employee benefits spend and priorities, identify opportunities to optimize cost and design of your programs, get a detailed understanding of the key drivers of profit and business performance , and may therefore offer valuable help with governance and decision making.

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Key features of the portal

Your EB journey is individualized according to different user roles, aligned with your feedback and continuously improved according requirements. It contains comprehensive sections on financials and health, the core of the report being a global overview.

  • Reporting Dashboard

    Customized access and executive business summary
  • Geographical Markets

    Performance of EB programs in each country
  • Insight Focus Reporting

    Analyzation and interpretation of information

Elements of your portal

Your portal comes with an executive summary of your business, an inbox for important documents and relevant market insights.

  • Management Summary
  • Reporting Dashboard
  • Documents
  • Market Insights (network)
  • Market News (global media)

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